Food Recipes

I find sometimes the best and most creative recipes are ones that I come up with when playing around in the kitchen. Often short of time and ingredients, but with some basic knowledge and experience, I can usually make them work!

I truly believe that what we put in our mouths directly affects our bodies, physically and emotionally.  All my recipes are made with real food, packing in as much nutrition as possible.


DIY Recipes for around the home

When I do DIY I want it to be simple, easy and with few ingredients.  I like to create and use recipes that I can make up quickly or the kids can do it for me!  If you are here, you have already learnt that reading the ingredients on the back of packets or products is crucial.  I like to know what is going in my families mouth and on their skin.  What goes onto our skin, ends up within.  Simple is often best!